The FNS Bench Press Guide

No exercise is more synonymous with working out than the bench press. It’s an all-time great exercise that is used by bodybuilders, athletes, and powerlifters alike.

Why is the bench press so widely performed? What benefits does it have, how do you do it, and how can you make it work for you?

You can find the answers here:

Bench press benefits

The bench press has a ton of benefits for your health and fitness. The main area the bench

press targets is the chest, but it also works your shoulders, triceps, and core. It can also help improve bone and joint health, mobility, muscular endurance.

Bench pressing is a great way to increase your overall strength and musculature. Performed correctly, the bench press is a safe, effective way to get healthy and stay fit.

How to do it

To prepare to bench press, make sure you have all 5 points of contact: feet on the ground, butt, upper back and head in the bench, and your hands on the bar, slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Keep your eyes under the barbell.

Lift the bar off of the rack. Lower it with control as you squeeze your shoulder blades together. Press the bar back up. Repeat for as many repetitions as needed.

Pace yourself when it comes to adding weight to the bar. If possible, use a spotter, especially when lifting heavy weights. They’ll be able to correct your form and prevent injury if you fail on a rep. You don’t want the bar falling on you.

Bench press variations

There are many different ways you can modify a bench press. You can use different equipment, such as dumbbells, kettlebells, or machines. You can also alter your grip and seat position.

Three common bench press variations are the incline bench press, close grip bench press, and the dumbbell press.

Incline bench:

This variation is great for targeting the upper chest and shoulders. To do it,

adjust the back part of the bench to about a 45-degree angle. Maintain the same 5 points of contact and perform a press.

Close grip bench:

The close grip bench is a fantastic exercise that will emphasize your triceps. It’s a fantastic exercise for building your arms. Prepare the same way you would for a normal bench but grip the bar slightly closer than shoulder width apart. Perform the motion as normal.

Dumbbell press:

If you don’t have access to a barbell or spotter, the dumbbell press might be for you. It works the same way as a standard bench press, but with dumbbells. It puts less stress on shoulder joints. If you need to bail out of a rep, you can simply drop the dumbbells at your side instead of getting stuck under a heavy barbell.

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